Our Story

In 1998, the company Foodland was formed and being located in Kapoanik, the largest mountain range in Serbia.

This strategic location enables the company to obtain raw materials from the surrounding region such as Zlatibor. Due to the good climate, and clean airflow of these regions, some of the fruits, like the antioxidant-rich wild blueberries, are specially obtained from the wild, a privilege granted to Foodland by the Serbian Government.
Foodland aspires to preserve the taste of nature,
and bottle it under
the brand Granny’s Secret.

To achieve such premium quality, the handpicked fruits are cooked in big open pots while the temperature is carefully monitored.

Today, the market of "Bakina Tajna"(Granny’s Secret) in Asia includes Singapore,

Japan and Korea, not to mention its earlier market coverage in America, Canada, Australia, France, Russia, Switzerland, Belgium, Slovenia, and Montenegro.

Teck Aik Kee is honoured and proud to carry Granny's Secret because we strongly believe in bringing the taste and benefits of nature to our friends and consumers whom we like to call family.